Beat the heat while being discreet!

Struggling with the hot weather? Migraines? Hot flashes?
Cool You Now has invented a way to help you look hot, while keeping cool with beautiful scarves and fun themed neck gaiters.

Thoughtfully designed to bring relief from heat, our scarves and neck gaiters lower body temperatures 10 degrees within minutes with no water and no mess!

How our cooling works

Our mission is to save those who struggle with the heat – from embarrassment, discomfort, and lost opportunities, by helping them to cool down DISCREETLY! Our scarves are perfect for social events, professional environments, date night, interviews…the list goes on!

Designed by a Phoenix working mom and manufactured in Phoenix, AZ.

So easy and so fashionable for work, outdoors, running errands, or date night!

Cool down 10 DEGREES in just 3 easy steps!

Step 1

Store gel pack inside pouch and drop into the freezer

Step 2

Take pouch with gel pack with you when you’re on the go

Step 3

Remove gel pack and slip into the secret scarf pocket and place around your neck when you feel the heat coming on!

Now you can beat the heat while being discreet, with Cool You Now!
“My husband Chuck had a Triathlon today! So of course because of the heat I used my incredible Cool You Now scarf ❤. Best scarf/coolest gear ever! Thank you, Jessica, for making not only a great cooling relief but they are fashionable enough to wear for any occasion! – Lisa N
“Wore my Cool You Now scarf this afternoon at parent pick up and it felt amazing!!! Thanks, Jessica Starr for such an amazing product!”
Melissa P – Phoenix, AZ
“It’s beautiful, fashionable, and really works!”
Jill B. – Phoenix, AZ
“Loving my cool you now scarf. As an event planner that is constantly running around this has been a Godsend. I honestly can’t believe how cool it keeps my body temperature down. Best part is how cute it looks with my outfits and the fact it actually works!” – Alyssa B.
“Thanks for keeping me COOL in the office!” – Shawna M
“Love it! Used it again today!” – Beth R
“ I bought the Popping’ Champagne scarf with an extra gel pack!! Not only does it keep me cool in the heat, as well as stylish, but it is also so light weight with no excess condensation or water running down my neck like other scarves I have tried. They are perfect! 🥰 Definitely will be telling my friends and family! Thanks you keeping this AZ momma cool and glamorous!” – Laticia R.
“Loving my Cool You Now scarf! A perfect way to stay cool in this summer heat! Highly recommend purchasing one! ❤ ❤” – Connie G.


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